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Java Plum Rosé Mead

Java Plum Rosé Mead


Java Plum Rosé Sparkling Mead.

7.6% ABV

500ml (16.9 fl-oz.)

Brewed and bottled by Mānoa Honey & Mead.

  • Product info

    Java Plum Rosé sparkling mead features a botanical uniqueness of Java Plum fruit, which are hand-picked from trees in the mountains of North Shore.  

    Nose: Fresh Dew, Lemon & Cranberries
    Palate: Velvety texture with Red Currants and Stonefruits
    Finish: Bright, slightly tart, tapering off smoothly

    Best enjoyed chilled. Keep refrigerated until ready to enjoy.

  • Awards

    SILVER - 2023 Mazer Cup International

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