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Education Programs

Everybody loves honey, but why are bees so important? How do bees actually make honey? Why do worker bees sting, but not drones? Do bees really dance?


All these questions, and more will be answered in our Beekeeper’s Visit Program!  We provide this educational program about honeybees, their basic biology, and their important role in pollination. One of our beekeepers will come and meet with your classroom or group, using live hive observation and honey-tasting to help children ignite natural curiosity and passion for bees. Children will learn basic bee biology and the role that bees and pollination play in the food chain.  

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Hive Sales and Colony Management

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Honeybee Colony and Hive Sales 

We sell beehives for hobby-scale beekeeping. If you have conducted research on basic beekeeping and are interested in starting a hive in your back yard and helping to pollinate your local community, please inquire about availability at  Colony sales are seasonal with limited quantity.

*Please research about basic beekeeping before you actually acquire. 


Colony Management/Bee Removal Services

If you are experiencing issues with a swarm of bees or a colony nested in a structure, contact for colony management/bee removal services.  Email or call 808.927.0501.


We provide pollination services to local farms and communities.  Honeybee pollination is essential for many fruits and vegetables.

If you are not a farmer, but have a large enough property to host honeybees to pollinate your community, we may be able to help.  Please contact  

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